About you

  • A first time founder with technical skills. 
  • You have a demo or MVP.
  • You don’t know what to do next.
  • You have the tech, you need help launching.

A few things we’re great at

We are looking for amazing ideas anywhere in the world. 

WE write the first check

We want to be your first step on the fundraising journey. Then we help you get more.

We help you design your product and business

You know how to build, we perfect it for the market.

we help get the word out

With 20 years experience in pitching and communicating we know how to tell the world your story.

gain confidence, build your network

Building a startup is hard. We help you find your courage.

How we invest

We are targeting first-time founders with a demo and MVP. We’re the bridge between your idea and your business.

send us your pitch

Send us your 10 slide deck and a short description of your startup.


If we like what we see we will bring you in for a detailed interview.


You will join our team for an intensive two-week clinic on everything you need to get started.

and we invest in you and help you

You will have access to our skills and network.

Our Experience

We like health-tech, we like blockchain, we like robotics, we like media, and we like AI.

Our Blog

In astronomical terms, a Black Hole is an object where the “escape velocity exceeds the speed of light” which means the energy needed to leave the Black Hole is more than exists in the universe. The nerdier among you would call this book “avoiding the black […]
This is an excerpt from John Biggs and Eric Villines’ book, Get Funded!. There are a number of theories and best practices on how to build the perfect PowerPoint presentation, but these are usually focused on business meetings with colleagues or potential customers and partners. These […]
The following is an excerpt from my new book, Get Funded!, available now. Need a copy? Want to write a review? Ping me on Twitter @johnbiggs! The answer to that burning question keeps founders up at night–literally. Coming home after a full day of work to build […]

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